Sunday, August 21, 2016

We ain't afraid of no rain

Nothing but rain in the days leading up to problem
Two river flood warnings in the area from so much problem
Pouring rain on the whole drive to the problem
24 bikers ain't afraid of no rain! 

Great job by all who showed up and rode the Gritty Goose 2016. 

In conditions more like April than August, shivering at the start as more rain began to fall, 24 people set off for an epic adventure. The relentless rain, the roads that just kept getting worse, the new minimum maintenance road surprise, the gritty sand covering everything, the grinding of gears, the never ending hills, nothing could stop this group of riders from finishing. To have 24/24 people finish with conditions like these is awesome and shows just how tough you are. Each and everyone of you finished with a smile on your face, or at least what we could see of it with all the grit covering it :) 

Thank you to the 24 riders who did show up today. Thanks to my co-organizer Cory for all of his work behind the scenes and promoting the heck out of it on social media. We had way more pre-registered, so hopefully 2017 will bring us back to the dry weather and larger attendance. Huge thanks again to Trailhead Cycling in Champlin ( for providing all of the food and their Ambassadors Tammy and Diane for taking care of food and other details on race day. The day couldn't have been such a success without them and I am incredibly thankful for their hard work and help. If you're ever in Champlin stop in and check out the Trailhead Cycling shop and thank them for their continuing support of gravel events in MN. 

Here are are the results we recorded at the finish 
70.3 mile
NameM / FTimeAvg SpeedNotes
Nick VetterM4:23161st Male
Brian DelaneyM4:3415.4
Kurt StunekM5:0813.7
Karen ChristyFemail meTBD1st Female
Brian GrohMemail meTBD
50.3 mile
NameM / FTimeAvg SpeedNotes
Scott RobertsonM2:5717.11st Male
Mitch NordahlM3:0116.7
Andrew WorthM3:0716.1
Tim NorrieM3:0716.1
Mike CampbellM3:1815.2
Emily NordahlF3:1815.21st Female
Rich ZvosecM3:2214.9
Devin ObrienM3:3913.8
Wade MuellerM3:3913.8
Leif IrgensM3:5712.7
Frank ThueringerM4:1012.1
Jim RinguetteM4:1012.1
Aaron OllswangM4:1012.1
Dan MuellerM4:1411.9
Jim LloydM4:1511.8
Shaun SavaM4:2411.4
Scott MaysM4:2411.4
Adam SegerM4:2411.4
Josh CoderM5:189.5

And a photo of each of the winners and their own Gritty Goose :). We have a few more photos that will be posting in the next few days. 

Nick Vetter 1st male 70.3 mile

Karen Christy 1st female 70.3 mile

Scott Robertson 1st male 50.3 mile

Emily Nordahl 1st female 50.3 mile

Thanks all!


  1. Thanks to Cory and Shaun for promoting and routing, and Tammy and Diane from Trailhead for the food and good vibes!