Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Gritty Goose Ready to Take Flight in 2017!!!

Once again, the Gritty Goose, sponsored by Trailhead Cycling, is ready to challenge all of you gravel enthusiasts in the heat of summer.  Hopefully, we won't have two inches of rain like last year.

Details as follows:

Date:  Saturday August 19, 2017

Time: 8:00AM start

Place: Bertram Lakes Park, Monticello, MN

Distance: choice of 50, 70 or, new this year, 100 mile options.

Sign up is below:


Details to be posted the week prior to the race.

Thanks and email me at grittygoose@gmail.com if there are questions.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

We ain't afraid of no rain

Nothing but rain in the days leading up to it...no problem
Two river flood warnings in the area from so much rain...no problem
Pouring rain on the whole drive to the start...no problem
24 bikers ain't afraid of no rain! 

Great job by all who showed up and rode the Gritty Goose 2016. 

In conditions more like April than August, shivering at the start as more rain began to fall, 24 people set off for an epic adventure. The relentless rain, the roads that just kept getting worse, the new minimum maintenance road surprise, the gritty sand covering everything, the grinding of gears, the never ending hills, nothing could stop this group of riders from finishing. To have 24/24 people finish with conditions like these is awesome and shows just how tough you are. Each and everyone of you finished with a smile on your face, or at least what we could see of it with all the grit covering it :) 

Thank you to the 24 riders who did show up today. Thanks to my co-organizer Cory for all of his work behind the scenes and promoting the heck out of it on social media. We had way more pre-registered, so hopefully 2017 will bring us back to the dry weather and larger attendance. Huge thanks again to Trailhead Cycling in Champlin (http://www.trailheadcycling.com/) for providing all of the food and their Ambassadors Tammy and Diane for taking care of food and other details on race day. The day couldn't have been such a success without them and I am incredibly thankful for their hard work and help. If you're ever in Champlin stop in and check out the Trailhead Cycling shop and thank them for their continuing support of gravel events in MN. 

Here are are the results we recorded at the finish 
70.3 mile
NameM / FTimeAvg SpeedNotes
Nick VetterM4:23161st Male
Brian DelaneyM4:3415.4
Kurt StunekM5:0813.7
Karen ChristyFemail meTBD1st Female
Brian GrohMemail meTBD
50.3 mile
NameM / FTimeAvg SpeedNotes
Scott RobertsonM2:5717.11st Male
Mitch NordahlM3:0116.7
Andrew WorthM3:0716.1
Tim NorrieM3:0716.1
Mike CampbellM3:1815.2
Emily NordahlF3:1815.21st Female
Rich ZvosecM3:2214.9
Devin ObrienM3:3913.8
Wade MuellerM3:3913.8
Leif IrgensM3:5712.7
Frank ThueringerM4:1012.1
Jim RinguetteM4:1012.1
Aaron OllswangM4:1012.1
Dan MuellerM4:1411.9
Jim LloydM4:1511.8
Shaun SavaM4:2411.4
Scott MaysM4:2411.4
Adam SegerM4:2411.4
Josh CoderM5:189.5

And a photo of each of the winners and their own Gritty Goose :). We have a few more photos that will be posting in the next few days. 

Nick Vetter 1st male 70.3 mile

Karen Christy 1st female 70.3 mile

Scott Robertson 1st male 50.3 mile

Emily Nordahl 1st female 50.3 mile

Thanks all!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Routes are posted and a few notes about them

The routes and cue sheets have been added to the previous ride day information post.

There are two sections that could be confusing to people and/or their GPS device that are called out below. These will also be discussed at the pre-ride meeting. 

Triangle of confusion:
At 33.8 miles the 70 and 50 course split apart here and go different directions. The roads here form a triangle which confuses a lot of GPS devices and sends you on some weird loop with the road triangle.

What you need to-do is easy.
The 70 mile continues straight through here and turns 
left onto Greer Ave NW shortly after.
The 50 mile turns right here onto Gowan Ave NW.

The 70 mile ends up back here again at 53.8 miles and turns left onto Gowan Ave NW

Yes there really is a road here:
If you're checking out the route ahead of time you might see at mile 40.6 (50 mile route) or 60.6 (70 mile route) what looks like an off road adventure through a field. Don't worry its not, the city just moved the road since last year and kept the same name. None of the online satellite maps show it yet. So there is a road here, the new "Donnelly Dr NW" and not any adventure through a field like it appears on satellite maps

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ride day details
The ride day is fast approaching and its looking like we'll have some nice cooler weather too. Both of the routes have some improvements from last year that we hope you'll enjoy.  

Date: Saturday August 20 2016
Registration: Opens at 7AM (see parking info below)
Distance: 70 miles / 50 miles You can select or change your distance when you check in
Start Time: 8AM rider meeting, 70/50 mile depart immediately following with neutral lead out until the gravel

The 70 mile and 50 mile routes are the same until just before mile 34. So if you change your mind and need to-do the 50 mile option, that is your best cutoff point.

If you have a GPS device, load up the GPX file from the linked routes. If not we will have some printed cue sheets at the start. If you can print your own up ahead of time that would be appreciated.

70 mile route : https://ridewithgps.com/trips/10547032
70 mile cue sheet: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5xr84VGv8izZWhOZHNYSy1aQ2s

50 mile route: https://ridewithgps.com/trips/10547031
50 mile cue sheet:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5xr84VGv8izMjlULXc0UkpRZGs

To download the GPX files follow the ridewithgps.com link for your mileage and then in the right panel switch to the EXPORT tab and it will have options for download. Chose what is appropriate for your device.
You will have to sign a waiver when you register. We'll have these printed out

Registration opens at 7 AM near the Pavilion at the MTB trail parking lot.
You will need to sign a waiver, get your number and a copy of the cue sheet if needed. 

Location and parking:
We are starting at: Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park 1744 90th Street NE, Monticello, MN
Do not park in the actual MTB trail parking lot. We are parking on the gravel entrance road to not interfere with actual users of the park.

There is a biffy near the MTB trail parking lot. 

Rest Stops:
For both the 70 & 50 mile routes, there is an unmanned stop at approximately 32.5 miles where the public water access road is. There will be a large cooler with water for sure and possibly other beverages and a few snacks will be available there. There is also an option at approximately 57 miles (70 mile route) or 37 miles (50 mile route) to ride slighty off course to a Gas Station and Subway restaurant. This is about 1/4 mile off the route as noted in the cue sheets

This is officially an unsupported ride. Bring enough drink, food, & tools for the ride. Besides the unmanned stop and possible gas station stop there isn't much else out there.

We will be "collecting" finish times on a clip board near the finish. If you are concerned with your place, the sprint finish will be the utility pole at the intersection of 90th St. NE & Briarwood Ave NE right before finishing up the ride. Inform us of the placing when you finish as its on your honor

At the finish Trailhead Cycling will be providing some post ride food and non-alcoholic beverages
*note* that alcohol is not allowed in any Wright County Park, so officially the event will not be providing any.
Bring a chair though as there isn't many tables at Bertram

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Gritty Goose will fly again in 2016!

The Gritty Goose Gravel Grinder is a Gravel bike ride in the Wright County area near Monticello, Maple Lake & Buffalo Minnesota.

Who - The ride is free and open to anyone with a bike. Currently the gravel roads are in very good shape, but a 28mm or larger tire is recommended just like on any other gravel ride.
What - An unsupported gravel ride with two options: either 70 miles with almost 2000 feet of climbing or 50 miles with almost 1500 feet of climbing. There will be 2 optional gas station stops and possibly a water stop as well.
When - Saturday August 20th 2016 with a mass roll out at 8AM sharp.
Where - The start will be near Monticello with the exact location to be revealed at a later time along with a course map, gpx file, and cue cards.
Why - You'll have to ride it to find out why its called the Gritty Goose

Pre-registration is requested and available 2016_Registration ahead of time so we have an idea of how many to expect.
You will need to sign a waiver at the start.
Helmets are required and use common sense out there as the roads are open.

For any questions click here to send an email

The water stop, post ride food & non-alcoholic beverages, and other assistance provided by our friends at Trailhead Cycling in 
Champlin MN. http://www.trailheadcycling.com

Monday, September 21, 2015

well whoops don't I feel silly...somehow I never actually posted the last update and its just sat here in draft for a very long time :(


Gritty Goose 2015 has finished with a great first turnout of 45 riders and some perfect weather. I don't think we could have asked for better weather actually. Everyone I talked to had a great time and lots of questions about if i'll do it again next year....we'll see next year won't we :)
notes were taken for things that could be improved.

It was a lot of work to-do, but very fun and worth it in the end. Thanks to my co-organizer Cory for all of his work behind the scenes and many pre-rides we did. Special thanks to my mom & dad, and Pam & Larry from Trailhead Cycling in Champlin (http://www.trailheadcycling.com/) for everything they did on race day! Without them it wouldn't have been anywhere as nice and their help allowed Cory & I to ride as well :)


70 mile
NameM / FTimeBike TypeBib Number
Eric ThompsonM3:12Geared30
Nick VetterM3:15Geared23
Jim BellM3:16Geared21
Adam BergmanM3:16Geared31
Josh RoeserM3:27Geared7
Charles AllgoodM3:29Geared3
Greg BernhardtM3:29Geared15
David ShulmanM3:29Geared16
Noah MiddlestaedtM3:29Geared22
Dave HoglundM3:29Geared77
Ian HoogendamM3:30Single Speed17
Ren StinsonM3:43Geared2
Mark RathbunM3:43Geared32
Andrew WorthM3:43Single Speed33
Danny StormM3:43Geared34
Justin TanM3:56Single Speed26
John Egbers M4:06Geared17
Matthew DowlingM4:07Geared5
Kelly HinesM4:13Geared10
Wade MuellerM4:13Geared24
Ed ProsserM4:13Geared29
John carlineM4:16Geared28
Charles WolfM4:18Geared11
Emily FlynnF4:18Geared8
Rich ZvosecM4:20Geared9
Scott RobertsonM4:30Geared24
Bob OrangeM4:37Geared18
Cory HedinM4:40FAT1
John RibesM4:40Geared6
Alisa ReckingerF4:40Geared12
Kasey CarlsonM5:14Geared36
Alicia KruegerF5:14Geared37
Brian GrohM5:16Geared19
Karen ChristyF5:16Geared20
Kaleb KrauseM5:32Geared38
Bri WhitcraftF5:32Geared39
Aaron NyquistM5:38Geared14
Kate NyquistF5:38Geared13

50 mile
NameM / FTimeBike TypeRoute PlaceBib Number
Joshua CoderM2:26Geared1100
Paul SchoeningM2:49Geared2104
Cliff CsizmarM2:50Geared3102
Walt BurnsM3:12Geared4101
Jason MacDonaldMDNFGearedDNF103

30 mile
NameM / FRoute TimeBike TypeBib Number
Natalie RoeserF2:13Geared150

Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 online registration is now closed. You can still register in person at the start.

I drove some parts tonight and the gravel is dry, but not dusty. Mostly hard packed, with a few rumble strip parts. Didn't see any washed out spots from rain.

There is now an Minimum Maintenance Road too thanks to Road Construction ;)

See everyone out in the morning. We'll get there a bit before 7am when we'll open registration.